Sam Frank


Abel Rockbrother

Abel Rockbrother, former war priest of Tempus, long-time hermit of Red Cloud Mountain, and current recruit of the Hark army, isn’t as young as he used to be. But then again, who is?

… I guess elves, maybe? Not sure how it works with them.

Anywho, his joints ache, his feet hurt, and the world sure seems to have changed a lot in the twenty years since he went up on the mountain. Except war, of course. That hasn’t changed at all.

Abel would much rather chat with a fella than stick a spear in him, though. And after a long time with mostly trees and also slightly smaller trees for company, he relishes the chance to rediscover the lost art of conversation with fellow sentient, ambulatory beings like himself.

Still, he’d prefer it if you didn’t call him Rockbrother.

Sam Frank, former bartender of Bourbon Street, long-time middle manager of software, and current father of a toddler prodigy, isn’t as young as he used to be. But then again, who is?

Most Dad things about Sam:
· Body
· Jokes
· Tears up listening to David McCullough audio books

John Watson


Jonas Silverwind

Jonas Silverwind, born Ionas Silchavinde, hails from the noblest family in the noblest city of Faerun: the Silchavindes of Monterre. After returning home from an extended study of the arcane arts, he found that he had fallen out of favor with his family and would lose his inheritance entirely if he did not prove his worth and loyalty. It’s funny, you don’t realize how much your inheritance means to you until it is on the verge of being snatched away!

And so, Ionas packed up for yet another adventure and headed for Fort H’Passe with his butler, Mr. Percy. Together, they would revive his late uncle’s faltering shop on the quietest front of the southern war.

That was 2 years ago. On that trip Ionas mysteriously vanished...

Now he has suddenly resurfaced in Fort H’Passe, flummoxed about what has happened to him and his store and worried that he is the victim of some sort of plot! With a bit of an axe to grind, Ionas begins his journey anew. Now if only people could get his name right.


John Watson is a former Broadway performer, teacher, and now stay-at-home dad with three amazing children who are super well behaved and never plot his demise. No seriously.

Most Dad things about John:
· DIY projects he has no business doing
· Falling asleep in random chairs around the house
· Telling stories from "back in the day"

Tim Carr


Filnyr Omajyre

Filnyr Omajyre, a half-elf, was born to be a diplomat's aide. In his life at the Neverwinter consulate in Lakeshire, he gave meticulously detailed tours of the Neverwinter museum, and he baked the best Neverwinter creampuffs the town had ever tasted.

Filnyr enjoyed his life of baking, eating, and conversation, and he figured adventure would one day come in the form of a diplomatic journey full of enrapturing discussions over marvelous local delicacies.

Unfortunately, adventure found him in the form of murder, mayhem and massive amounts of property damage. And at the center of it is a Neverwinter artifact: a blade that reveals itself to be magical, telepathic, and somehow in need of Filnyr's assistance. For reasons yet to be determined, it calls itself "Paresseux Incompetent."

Tim Carr is a father of two brilliant young boys, and when he isn't at work producing comedy bits for television or trying to keep up with his wife's exercise habits, he enjoys fantasy novels, fantasy football, and taking an hour or two after everyone's asleep to game on his PS4.

Most Dad things about Tim:
· His "serious" voice when trying to get his kids' attention
· His inability to listen to the same song more than 7 times in a row
· Does character voices when reading stories

Thom Blaylock


Always, your DM

If it weren’t for the two armies squaring off on either side, the Brine valley would be close to paradise. There are communities of elves, halflings, gnomes, and dwarfs trading goods and stories and living their long lives in peace. It’s men that have changed this place – their thirst for “Ladybone,” the precious red coral that many cities of the known world rely on for construction, magic, and beauty. It is only found in the Brine, and many economies rely on its constant production and export.

And so, the armies of Hark City and Eder tread lightly, mostly avoiding the direct and bloody conflict they wage against each other on far away fronts. Still, the Brine feels like a place in pregnant pause, and whatever is next is clearly coming now: people are going missing, the armies have ballooned their ranks with new local recruits and mercenaries from far away cities, freedom fighters are raiding outposts, dark things from below have started scratching at the surface, and the Ladybone has stopped flowing as freely as it once did.

Every war must end, but this war is just about to begin for the Brinies. And unbeknownst to them, their future may be determined by a patronizing wizard with something to prove, a mild-mannered pastry chef turned mild-mannered killing machine, and a grizzled veteran who wants to give peace a chance, even though his god would rather see the whole thing burn, burn, burn.

Thom Blaylock is a professor and father of two slightly naughty kids who are almost old enough for ttrpgs.

Most Dad things about Thom:
· Carries an old antenna he uses as a portable bellows
· His swept back bike handlebars and SCOTTeVEST
· Naps